ARH Fix®

ARH fix® is a completely new repair concept for small-scale road damage. ARH fix® is a product of the future – it convinces by its longevity, simple handling and low cost. ARH fix® is developed for fast and budget road surface repair with a lasting effect. Partial damages such as potholes, tears and oil infiltration can quickly and lastingly be remedied thanks to ARH fix®. ARH fix® is a thermoplastic mastic asphalt. The material comes in 16 kg buckets and meets German specifications and regulations.

Step 1.

Required for the process: ARH Fix, peony, broom, burner and a pestle.

Step 2.

Clear foreign material from dry defective area, and then heat it.

Step 3.

Apply ARH Fix (in layers if necessary).

Step 4.

Heat ARH Fix (in layers if necessary).

Step 5.

Compact using a manual tamper (or vibratory plate compactor).

Step 6.

Repaired defective area.

ARH Fix® Video


Advantages Arh-Fix

  • Material savings

  • Work savings

  • Time savings

  • Reduction in transport costs

  • Environmentally-friendly as it is pure mastic asphalt

  • No health-hazards (no solvents)

  • Simple processing, therefore especially user-friendly

  • Delivery in re-sealable 16-kg containers

  • Unlimited shelf life Short processing time: ARH Fix® can be heated very quickly e.g. in a bitumen cooker or a microwave. Of course, surface heating equipment or gas burners commonly used by road building or maintenance companies can also be used.


  • Prevention of larger road surface damages and potholes by timely repair of small defects

  • Ideal for repairs in heavily used spots, e.g. in roundabouts and turning areas (cul-de-sac roads)

  • Perfectly suited for emergency repairs

  • Optimal for corrective maintenance of small holes

  • Refilling of boreholes

  • Removal of foreign material from asphalt surfaces such as debris, fasteners, rubber components

  • Repair of defects on race tracks and airfields

  • Asphalt connections to manhole covers

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